Serverfiltering edit

Hi Dhtmlx Team,

I am using DhtmlxCombo Serverfiltering mode to load options according to the typed value and it works perfectly Thank you DHTMLX :slight_smile:

Now the problem is I have a tabbar and attached layouts having 2 cells… So in 1st side ie cell a itz a form to add new item Say States and here the Country is selected as server filtering and in next cell I listed all states added as a grid (State Name and Country Name)

And now when i click any row the corresponding value must be loaded to the form (Combo nd txtbx)
as i given Country ad Serverfiltering how can I set value to that Combo…?

I tried by using
myCombo = getCombo(“CN_Id”); // Name Of Combo in xml

again itz get set in the combo and if I try to Click Save/Update
the value field get replaced by Name . I dont know what really happens… but on Request Page I get Country Name as CN_Id

What Should I Do?

Thanks and Regards


you can create a demo and write short how-to reproduce and attach it here or share direct link. if pro version - please send it to

please include all corresponding js/css files into your demo