serverList and fully custom lightbox


I’m trying to use the serverList function to populate options in a fully custom (html) form. i have several list arrays coming from the server, but only one, the one I’m using for unit view, serverList(‘resource’), is showing up correctly as a menu in the form.

Likewise, if I enter into the console, “scheduler.serverList(‘location’)”, I don’t get a result.

But if I reload the data using the load() function in the console, or go to another week which loads more data dynamically, then type in “scheduler.serverList(‘location’)”, then I get the list as expected (and the menus work properly).

If I look at the xml source, the collection is in the data source.

Can you tell me why serverList() doesn’t work the first time I load the data? is there another way to get this array without having to reload the data?

To test this:

  • create a calendar to load from a DP source, with multiple collections.
  • query the collections using serverList() in the browser console --> the list is empty
  • load(…) the datasource again
  • query the collections again using serverList() in the browser console —> now the list is populated.

I’m using scheduler 4.1.



we’ll check why this is happening. For now you can simply trigger the empty server list before loading the data for the first time, it should resolve a problem

scheduler.serverList('listname'); scheduler.load(....);