Serverside error when editing cells (Struts2,JSP,Tomcat)


I recently set up the edition of a dhtmlxgrid on a struts based server. When double-clicking on a cell, the edition widget appears letting me edit the values. New values are sent to the server, which updates the DDB. So far so good.

But I’m experiencing 2 issues, probably related one to another :

[*]The edited line remains written in bold, just like if the dataprocessor doesn’t interpret the server’s result which is :

    <action type="update" sid="105" tid="105" />

]I’ve got a ognl.InappropriateExpressionException exception server side :

WARN (com.opensymphony.xwork2.ognl.OgnlValueStack:49) - Error setting expression '!nativeeditor_status' with value '[Ljava.lang.String;@1c9a0d8'
ognl.InappropriateExpressionException: Inappropriate OGNL expression: nativeeditor_status

My guess would be that the ‘!’ character is making a hard time to one of the item in my configuration, struts or another brick. But is there something to configure in the dataprocessor to avoid this ? I read here and there about the nativeeditor_status. I’m not really confident about what it’s used to, and no one seems to have my problem around :frowning:

But is there something to configure in the dataprocessor to avoid this ?
on client side
dp.action_param = “some_name”;

Beware that you will not be able to use connector after that ( only custom server side code )

The edited line remains written in bold
Be sure that content type of response is text/xml and there is no whitespaces before <?xml tag

Thanks for your concern Stanislav.

All my issues were resolved with that simple affectation :wink: Updates now work like a charm.


Please help me understand how you implemented the server side functionality in struts for DHTMLX.