servlet called with long paramters appended in url and popul

Hi i am using the dhtmlx grid which is one of the fastest grid n i liked it.
i am populating the grid using servlet, this servlet is called using smart rendering as



but here my datastring value contains very long string that normally cannot be appended in the url , therefore my url is not getting properly created and the servlet is not called, therefore to call the servlet i am using jQuery with which i can call the servlet and pass parameters in post request.

$.post(“DATASERVLET”,{datastring: $("#vname1").val(),count:$("#vname2").val(),dbenvi:$("#vname3").val(),proptypeValue:$("#vname4").val(),dateValue:$("#vname5").val(),constrvalValue:$("#vname7").val()},function(data){document.getElementById(‘vname6’).value=data;“default”; });

now with jquery i am able to call the servlet  but how do i populate the grid with the xml generated by the  jquery called servlet.

if i write like this
gridbox2.loadXML($.post(“DATASERVLET”,{datastring: $("#vname1").val(),count:$("#vname2").val(),dbenvi:$("#vname3").val(),proptypeValue:$("#vname4").val(),dateValue:$("#vname5").val(),constrvalValue:$("#vname7").val()}),fucrowcount);

it display error and says

Object doesnot support this property…

please help me how do i call a servlet with parameters in post request and populate grid with the xml generated from this servlet.




myst be

Also, there is an optional extension which allows native post processing for grid … load%20xml