Session lost loading tabs in ASP.NET


I’m using tab component in with c#. I need to have the session state “on” because we’re using a load balancer in our server configuration.

In local it works fine but on the server when I load the tabs using setContentHref, the page loaded loses the session state.

I’m also using from codebehind the response.ApplyAppPathModifier to include in tab’s page url the session but It continous losing session state.

Any idea to resolve this problem??

Thanks a lot,

Client side component do not modify anything in the urls, so the page will be loaded the same as in the case of normal html links ( if it works for normal html it will work for tabbar as well )

I’ve changed some code regarding the session in my forms and it worked properly. Now between tabs, the session is stored ans passed without problems.

Thank you for your reply,