set background color for calendar with week view


With Week view:
i see to set background color for calendar , use CSS
.dhx_scale_holder{position:absolute;border-right:1px dotted #586A7E;background-image:url(imgs/databg.png);}

.dhx_scale_holder_now{position:absolute;border-right:1px dotted #586A7E;background-image:url(imgs/databg_now.png);}

I want to know how to set background without using background-image; use background_color.

Please help me.


You can use

.dhx_scale_holder{ position:absolute; border-right:1px dotted #586A7E; background: red; // any color here }


Thanks for your answer.

But it seems there is 2 parts for every hour. How to identify them (i want set a solid line between them.)

How to do that???

The two part scale created by bg image, it is not possible to achieve the same effect through colors ( there is no separate parts, which can be styled differently, it is a single bg, which looks tiled because of bg image )


Please help me set up background of scheduler as the attached image.

Thank you very much.

As for “2/9” vertical line - you can have different bg images and switch them through template

horizontal line (12-13) can’t be created through existing styles ( it can be created through bg images - samples\02_customization\03_hours_coloring.html - but it is not a flexible solution , it fixes color without ability change them through css or shift position )


I learned from file : samples\02_customization\03_hours_coloring.html .

But i don’t know how to set background color for scheduler from 12:00 -> 13:00 Or from 15:00 to 15:30.

Please help me.

Thanks so much

in samples\02_customization\03_hours_coloring.html - special bg image used.

Normal bg image have enough height for one hear and repeats vertically. But you can create a bg image which has height to cover all hours , and you can color it with red color on necessary interval.


IN templates:
return “custom_color”;

I can’t compare hour, to set background for every hour_scale

Is there template : scheduler.templates.hour_scale_class (to get every hour of scheduler)??

I can’t compare hour, to set background for every hour_scale
Yep you can’t set bg for each hour , but you can set some class which has “long_with_12_13_red.png” - bg image which has color marking at necessary height.

scheduler has not native ability to mark scales for specific hours.
existing solution is mostly workaround.


I am very ashamed to have to say, if you can , please help me make an example of it?


Check the attached one (48.8 KB)

Thanks so much.