set cell and row parameters in xml


i want to be able to set the following parameters in xml:

open item

lock row

disable cell

how do i set these in xml?


<row locked=“true” open=“true” …
    <cell type=“ro” …

locked - row will be initially locked
open - row will be expanded on load ( actual for treegrid only )
type=“ro” - the cell in question will have ro type ( without relation to default column type ) - so it will act the same as disabled cell

Hi thanks for the replies this is great, just wondering though, our columns have various types so if we set a cell to ro when we enable it again how do we set it back to the default for that column - how do we set it back to the default column type within javascript


The cell type can be changed dynamically by

There is no legal way to receive current type of column in question, but you can use next collection if necessary (please beware that while it not officially supported functionality it can be changed in next versions )
    var type = grid.arTyp[index];


is there a way to set the row color in xml,


There are few ways, most simple - by using bgColor attribute
    <row id=“12” bgColor="red"

ok thanks