Set cell in Editor mode using keyboard navigation

Hi to all!

I need to set cell in editor mode after I moving cursor via arrow keys like in Excel. How can I do it?

So I’ve got:

gridData.enableEditEvents(true, false, true);
gridData.attachEvent("onKeyPress", onKeyPressed);

function onKeyPressed(code, ctrl, shift)
  var row = gridData.getRowIndex(gridData.getSelectedRowId()); 
  var col = gridData.getSelectedCellIndex();
  if(code==38){ // up arrow
    gridData.selectCell(row, col, false,false,true);  
    gridData.editCell();  // nothing happens
  else if(code==40) { //down arrow
    gridData.selectCell(row, col, false,true,true);  // makes no difference if 4th parameter is set to 'true' or 'false'
  return true;

I can enter edit mode in a necessary cell after I press an arrow and then F2. But I need to avoid pressing F2, just only arrow - and have a cell in a row above or below in edit mode.

Please, try to call the
myGrid.enableAccessKeyMap(true); … ccess.html

It works, thank you!