set class of cell but it gets overridden (using xml)

I am setting the class of an individual cell as such:

my style yellow is defined as … .yellow { background-color:yellow;} …

I inspect the DOM elements and see the TD element you created as <TD class=“yellow” …>

However, when I inspect the style associated with this TD element, it shows it as overridden by the element:

#prrGrid table.obj td {


border:medium none;


where #prrGrid is the DIV element which loads the XML

I have tried changing your css values to different background colors to find where this table.obj td gets written, but, all to no avail…

Do I have to define my class name differently? td.yellow, or perhaps #prr table.obj td yellow, something along those lines?



It seems that you are using grid.setStyles command, it creates such css rules.
>>something along those lines?
You can
a) redefine your css class as
.yellow { background-color:yellow !important;}

b) use
#prrGrid table.obj td.yellow { background-color:yellow;}