Set className for each fields in forms

Hi, I have a dhtmlx application with forms inside windows (modals). I wanted to know how I can change the classes of any div inside my form?

As an example, I can set the “className” attribute of a field that contains the label and the input, but I would like to use bootstrap for my form and I need to set classes for the groups as well as the components of the groups (label and input).

I made a small fiddle to show you my problem. You can see a small window (modal) with a small form in it. I added a “className” attribute to one of the field, but as you can see, it’s not working. I really need more control on the classes of each div.

My goal is to have a working bootstrap responsive layout to use the space correctly with more or less columns and the right width for the fields, depending on the size of the modal window.

Thank you anyway for your time, have a great day!


Form is a complex set of DOM components and there is no native functionality to change all of them. Its done by the design.

Thank you for your answer.