Set clear text colour for Dark Background is NOT possible !!


I am using the Online DHTMLX Skin Builder to make a DARK Theme.

Most Clear backgrounds elements are set to Dark and therefore their TEXT content
needs to be set to a clear color, white, yellow, etc…

This is 99% perfect, EXCEPT that it seems DHX has not tested changing the:

Their is NOway to change the Black color text to a clear one <<<

*Note: The Tool Menu color is also used for the GRID Rows.
I am joining here the 99% ready Theme I have made.
I purposely set the required Grid rows I need to set in black to a dark blue color so
that you can see their Text content is almost unreadable.

I would suggest your design Team to allow us to change this particluar TEXT color also in its distinct selection list.

THANK S A LOT - it’s a great an efficient Theme maker you made so far ! :slight_smile:

*In regards to using Darker Theme, its something Google theme offers as well as many other Companies, it’s aid to Save on your Eyes sight, save on energy too (!!!). Thanks one more time
PS: Can post anywhere else yet but greatly interested with my Trial test…


Joined to this message is the Theme 99% ready.
Dark Blue color needs to be changed to Dark, but Text content is not switchable to white (!!!) (104 KB)