Set height for dhx_Cal_Header


I am using Scheduler units view. I need to increase height of dhx_Cal_Header but it is not happening, tried giving height in css.

Also i need to disable some time slots where user cannot double click or drag for creating new event. i.e. Unavailable time slot for event should be grayed out.

Please can you help with this?

The license number is 357821705

Thanks in Advance


scheduler.xy.scale_height = 50;// or any other value

Also i need to disable some time slots where user cannot double click or drag for creating new event

Full control other cell coloring is available in month and timeline view. In day or week view - the single bg used for all days - so while you can adjust it a bit, detailed control is not possible.
As for dbl-click or drag - you can catch related handler ( onBeforeEventChanged ) and return false from it if the event.start_date is in the blocked slot.

Thanks Stanislav…

Actually i want to have some colour for section’s un available time slot. Say for example section id 2 have 10-11 am as unavialable for booking appointment. So i need to show that time in Grey / Red colour so that user will readily know that he can’t book appointment for this time.

// Red can we such things 2

Please help as i need to acheive it …

Check slot-mode of timeline
It is very similar to the described use-case


As suggested in demo example i have implemented following thing.

html, body { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; height: 100%; overflow: hidden; } [b].red_cell{ background-color:#FF5353; }[/b]
        scheduler.templates.event_class = function(start, end, event) {
            switch (event.type) {
                case "1": return "red_cell";
                case "2": return "other_event";

events xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 2 1 1 2

But still event is shown as Yellow in background only border is red. I think red_cell(background-color) is overridden somewhere by yellow color. Pls can you help?


I got this sorted out now. Thanks