Set Height/Width of a Window (URL)


i just attached an external URL to a window. This works nice.

I also want to set an “autoscroll” to the external URL / Window, so that at initial load, the window will be scrolled down to for example 100px.

Is this possible?

By default, attach URL will load a content through iframe, which will always produce a scroll

If you want to use AJAX loading mode, be sure that loaded content has a div with overflow:scroll as top level container.

okay, but can you tell me, how to autoscroll into a special div or autoscroll 40 px?

If you are attaching an URL from a different domain - you can’t control it scroll. Browser denies cross-domain operations.
If both pages from the same domain, you can use a code like next

box.attachEvent("onContentLoaded", function(){ box.getFrame().contentWindow.document.body.scrollTop = 100 }) box.attachURL(url)