Set Multiline type for only one column


I am trying to set one column as a multiline type. I saw this example

and this documentation for textarea column

So, I tried to set as below.


But the column is still not show as multiline. Is there any other thing I need to set? I am using rowspan feature for the grid as well. I am not sure these two conflict.

Unfortunately it is not availabale to set the multiline for a single column/row/cell, only for the whole grid.

Hi Sematik,

Thank you for your reply. If that’s the case, I am just wondering what is the function of txt column type. I saw the demo and It looks like it will popup multiline textbox. But I try to set as txt column type and nothing happened.

“txt” is the column type which allows to use the multiline editor. Meaning, that in the edit mode you can add the multiline text in the textarea.


Thank you for your explanation. I got it worked. I just happened to be put in wrong column. :smiley: