set_options problem

When I’m trying to use set_options method, I’m getting an error:

protected void configure() { Connection conn= ( new DataBaseConnection()).getConnection(); SchedulerConnector c = new SchedulerConnector(conn); c.event.attach(new CustomBehavior(c)); OptionsConnector list=new OptionsConnector(conn); list.render_table("mst_user", "user_id", "user_id(value),username(label)"); if(c.is_select_mode()){ c.render_sql("SELECT * FROM events, attend_users WHERE events.attend_users_id=attend_users.attend_users_id", "event_id","start_date,end_date,event_text,meetroomname,users","",""); }else{ c.set_options("type", list); c.render_table("events","event_id","start_date,end_date,event_text,meetroomname,attend_users_id","",""); } }

What should I do?

Try to update the connectors jar …

Hi, Stanislav.
I did update the connector.jar, but it still doesn’t work.

Hello, Stanislav.

Can you please explain me, how to use that set_options method.
I’m still getting an error whit that.

Thank you.

Latest connector …

contains java\samples\samples.war
In which you can find


which is working sample of set_options usage

Thanks, my problem was solved.