Set Specific Calendar Display Date

For the Scheduler in WP, I would like to be able to set the start month for the calendar. That is, I would like the display to start with, for example, 1 September 2012 instead of <first day of today’s month>. As it is now, I do not have events until several month from now, so so the calendar must be “moved ahead” several months before anyone can see any events.

Is there a way to do this?

you may open file wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler/codebase/dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php
and find the follow line:


null may be replaced with javascript date object which you like. For example:

scheduler.init(\"scheduler_here\",new Date(2010,8,1),default_mode);


I had stumbled on that approach but that means making the change at each update and also means that I can have only one calendar for the website. I currently have one “planning calendar” for each of several sections of my site. I will get this figured out. I used the samples/03_extensions/10_url_date_plugin.html which works for html as an example and I am trying to place that code in a WP-created page. That will allow me to use the initialzation code to specify a starting date that will vary.

Yes, if user always uses link (from menu, for example) to open scheduler then you may add url date parameter into url.