set the custom details form readonly


In dhtmlxscheduler to show the details form as readonly , i used

scheduler.getEvent(id).readonly = true;

how to set the custom details form also readonly?




You can use readonly_form property:

scheduler.config.readonly_form = true;

The sample in the scheduler package is dhtmlxScheduler/samples/03_extensions/12_readonly_form.html


i used  scheduler.config.readonly_form = true;

But the custom details form added in the event window is not becoming readonly.In custom detail form  i have added radio button, checkbox and textfiields .

Even after using readonly_form property, they are not enabled as writable.

How to set custom data also readonly?

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that is the same problem I am having.  I finally had to resort to disabling the data processor to prevent updates of the forms although it is not a very elegant solution.

see this thread as well: … nt&q=13590


try to attached file instead of the original one to solved the issued with custom form (1003 Bytes)

hi mahesh ,

i have seen the thread you have mentioned.



Hi Alex ,

when i added new dhtmxscheduler_readonly.js , a javascript error ’ options is null or not an object’ is shown.  Also the event window is not opened.

what is the problem?

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Hi ,

I have some more queries…


  1. In our application ,there exist a comparison between two users calendar for checking the availiability of time for scheduling an appointment between them.

    Does the mutiple resource view of dhtmlxscheduler meets the same ?

    In the event window, there is a provision (eg: image button ) to check the availability of the start_date and end_date selected by the user to fix the appointment .

For eg : User1 is going to schedule appointment with user2 calendar.

The user1 has selected 01/01/2010 10.00 AM as startdate and 01/01/2010 12.00 PM as enddate.

On clicking the image button, to check whether the date/time selected is suitable for two users , a new window is popped up showing the two users (user1 & user2) calendar (like unit view of dhtmlxscheduler) with two buttons such as SCHEDULE and CANCEL at the bottom as shown the picture given.

Here it should display the time 10.00 Am to 12.00 PM of 01/01/2010 as selected .If any other appointment is already exist, the selected time should overlap over the appointment scheduled to make the user understand that the date/time selected is already booked.

Now the user1 should be able to select another date and time (eg. 01.01.2010 2.00 PM to 01/01/2010 4.00 PM) for scheduling appointment in user2 calendar from the same window .

Upon clicking the SCHEDULE button this window gets closed and should return to the event window which is already opened in the background.

In this event window, the newly selected date/time (eg. 01.01.2010 2.00 PM to 01/01/2010 4.00 PM) should be automatically set as startdate and enddate.

How to do this?Is this functionality possible with dhtmlxscheduler?

2 . In mutilple resource view , is it possible the change the layout? we requires ,the hours displayed at the top of the screen and users calendar displayed as rows from left as shown in picture.





>> Does the mutiple resource view of dhtmlxscheduler meets the same ?

currenly scheduler doesn’t support the described functionality. Please contact us at if you are interested in customization.

>> when i added new dhtmxscheduler_readonly.js , a javascript error ’ options is null or not an object’ is shown. Also the event window is not opened.

Locally the issue wasn’t reproduced. Please, provide the scheduler initialization code to recreate the issue.

When I use the provided javascript, the lightbox does not open when I double click, and is not viewable.