Set_userdata in tree does not work


I’m using the Dataprocessor for Coldfusion.
I’m trying to add the processUID field userdata to a tree using a beforerender function.

When I do this i want to access that value in the front-end using this code:

	var userData = tree.getUserData(id,'processUID');
		return true;

But the onClick event gives me a “Undefined”

What am i doing wrong here?


Hi. There was one bug detected with this feature. To make it working - move the attached cfc file into the codebase folder.
To set user data you have to call function “set_userdata” but not set_value. Here is the sample how it will work:

<cffunction name="TypeHighlight"> <cfargument name="data"> <cfset"processUID","SOME DATA")> </cffunction> <cfset tree.event.attach("beforeRender",TypeHighlight)> (1.49 KB)

fantastic, it works now! thank a lot!