Set Userdata onDrop event


I have created some logic to persist the ordering amongst siblings when dragging and dropping but i need to pass through to the server side some flag saying that a drag and drop action has just happened as i do not want the logic to fire on every update ( ie a simple edit action does not require the sequence to be recalculated )

I have attached a onDrop event to the tree in which I try and set some user data expecting it to be put on the request to the dataprocessor :


However this is not adding the param “order_changed=1” to the request. I can only assume that the call to the dataprocessor is being fired before the userdata is being set? is this correct and if so how do i set the userdata before firing the request off to the dataprocessor?




you may set onDrag event handler. onDrag is fired before an item dropped and DP request sent.