Set window icon

in previous versions we could set the icon of a window programmatically using:
→ myWins.window(id).setIcon()

in the new version 4.x it seems that this possibility is not given anymore!
reading the documentation, we should use the css:
→ w1.setIconCss(“flag_red”);

but that way we have to define a css for each window and each icon;
in our self-programmed CMS we simply assigned an icon to a new window just opened;
the name of the icon was dynamical (if was the same as the name of the window);
it seems that with the 4.x we need to configure the css with all possible icons used in the CMS, but that’s really much too complicated and is limiting the dynamical way the windows are created from the user itself (which has no chance to change css-styles);

is it really that way in the new version?
or is there a possibility to change the icon on-the-fly without creating a style for each new icon?
we find it a little complicated … and the former version weren’t that limitating


please try the following code

dhtmlXWindowsCell.prototype.setIcon = function(icon){ this.wins.w[this._idd]"url("+icon+")"; this.wins._winAdjustTitle(this._idd); };

( probably it will back in 4.1 due many requests )