setCellExcellType errors

We just purchased the pro version of the grid and I am attempting to use the “setCellExcellType” function. On the thrid line of the following code I get an error: ‘_celltype’ is null or not an object if I use the radio “ra”. If I use the checkbox “ch” type I get a standard Missing Image icon (ie: When you naviagate to a web page and the image is missing show with a red X)

grdItemSides.addRow(1, “Side Dish 1,”);

grdItemSides.addRow(2, “Side Dish 2,”);


So… what am I doing wrong now?



MethodsetCellExcellType(rowId, cellIndex, type) has parameters:

# rowId - row ID
# cellIndex - cell index
# type - type of excell (code like “ed”, “txt”, “ch” etc.)

If you have row with id “1” this method should looks like that:


Your answer of “grdItemSides.setCellExcellType(“1”,2,“ra”);” is exactly what I had originally posted.  However that simply displays the red X as in “image missing” (as I said in my original post)  So there is no new information in your answer.   Am I missing a script?  I am including the following scripts:

James Snyder

In your original post you wrote:


First parementer of setCellExcellType should be concluded into the bracket.

If issue still occur please contact and provide sample where we can reproduce this issue.

Also note that you should call setCellExcellType method only after all rows was loaded:


grdItemSides.addRow(“1”, “Side Dish 1,”);
grdItemSides.addRow(“2”, “Side Dish 2,”);