setChecked and multiple page


I have a grid with 54 rows.

I have two pages: one with 50 rows and the second with 4 rows.

In my last column, I have a checkbox.

I have also a checkbox in my header. This checkbox allows to check (or uncheck) the chekcbox for all my rows (with the foloow codes).

for (i=0; i < mygrid.getRowsNum(); i++)


if (document.getElementById(‘RADtype’).checked == true)





The problem is when I check this checkbox (all or none), the first time, the 4 rows of the seconds page appears unchecked in my first page. All other rows are checked but now I have 58 rows.

If I go to the second page, it’s works very well. I haven’t this probleme


Which version of dhtmlxgrid you are using?
If issue still occurs - please provide code snippet used for grid’s initialization.