setColumnHidden and setNumberFormat to xml

hello, I have two questions

  1. can be set to xml hide the column? Javascript currently use grid.setColumnHidden (col, tf);

  2. I would like to set the format of the figures Euros if I try always to xml with
    <column type=“edn” width=“150” sort=“str” ​​format=“0.00”> does not work well
    currently used by javascript grid.setNumberFormat ('0, 000.00 ‘, col [i],’, ‘,’. ');

Thanks a lot,

The following code works well for me:

For column hiding please, try to use the ‘hidden=“true”’:


The Following code works well for me:
<column type=“edn” width=“150” sort=“str” ​​format=“0.00”>

I solved so
<call command = \ "setNumberFormat "

0,000.00 cola [i] , . thanks Claudio