setColumnHidden & setColumnsVisibility Issue

First, I am new to the product.

I am in the process of putting togehter a prototype with the controls. One of the items I need to prototype is hiding and showing columns. This should be quite easy to do based on the API with the setColumnHidden & setColumnsVisibility. I tried to do this on one of the samples provided with the grid “02_api_grid.html”. I simply added a few hrefs to the table and it would not work on EITHER the setColumnHidden or setColumnsVisibility. To prove I was not completely me I added a way to hide and show a column by setting the column width.

The error generated is: “Object doesn’t support this property or method” which indicates it is not available in the grid control. The following are the href’s I added to the sample:

---- Works ----
Hide 1 (setColWitdh)

Show 1 (setColWitdh)

Hide 2 (setColWitdh)

Show 2 (setColWitdh)

---- DOES NOT Work ----
Hide 2 (setColumnHidden)

Show 2 (setColumnHidden)

Hide ALL (setColumnsVisibility)

Show ALL (setColumnsVisibility)

Both methods available only in PRO version of grid.