Column Header Text change Dynamically

I m using DHTMLX GRID Pro…

I want to change the label of the Columns at runtime, grid does not have any method called “setColumnLabel(c, label, ind)” .

I created grid in the following way

  mygrid = new D(‘gridbox’);

 mygrid.attachheader(“a,b,c”);    // I want to change these columns at runtime

How I can change the column header at runtime. Please guide me


It seems that you are using obfuscated version of dhtmlxgrid.js taken from instead of correct file from full package. Obfuscated version can work only with other obfuscated files and can’t be used with not-obfuscated js files.

You can change grid header’s label dynamically with method setColumnLabel(c, label, ind) where col - header column index, label - new label for the cpecified header’s column. Can contai img:[imageUrl]Text Label, ind - header row index (default is 0).