setComboValue flickers and then dissappears

I need to pre-set my Combo value to a value defined in a different field upon the Combo loading.
When I use the below code (the variable for “setComboValue” is either dynamic or a static string - the end behavior is the same), I can see the value set in the Combo, but for a fraction of a second. And then it disappears.

I’ve noticed this happens when I load XML in a static or dynamic format from the server. When I load XML from a local filestore (using all local code), the z.setComboValue works fine.

What can be wrong?

Thank you!

unction mycombo(myshemaview, myid){
var myselectid=myid + ‘_box’;
var z=new dhtmlXCombo(myselectid,“alfa2”,200);
var mycomboUrl=“?IdcService=EUM_COMBO_GET_SCHEMA_VIEW_VALUES&schViewName=” + myshemaview;
var testSelection = ‘Alam’;
z.setComboValue(testSelection );



value should be set after data loading (from loading end handler - second parameter of loadXML method):

... z.loadXML(mycomboUrl,function(){ var testSelection = 'Alam'; z.setComboValue(testSelection ); });

Works now! Thank you for the tip!