setDateFormat behavior in Grid object


I am installing new versions of your Grid and Calendar utilities and observed unexpected behavior in date formatting and editing using the dhxCalendarA column type. In diagnosing the problem, I can duplicate the issue with a single line addition to your sample named calendar_grid.html.

Insert this line into your sample before the mygrid.Init() call:


I would expect dates to be displayed and edited using my specified date format (today = “02-Apr-2008”). However, the dates are displayed in the default format. Selecting a date in the default format for editing starts the calendar at Dec 31, 1969, rather than setting the calendar to the date in the cell. Selecting a blank cell starts the calendar on today’s date as expected. Selecting a date from the calendar displays the date using the new date format (as expected).

It’s harder to describe than to observe!

In the prior version, I did not see this behavior. Also, the grid does not work if the input XML file contains dates formated as 01-Apr-2008 (something the prior version allowed).

Please let me know if you can suggest a work-around or fix for the inconsistent behavior.


Problem with “%b” in date format confirmed and fixed, please use attached js file instead of original one. (11.7 KB)