I was trying to use setDateFormat but it doesn’t work. do I have to first set type of the column and apply this method? I am using pro 3.0 suite. thanks

setNumberFormat() doen’t work too.

setNumberFormat solved now by setColTypes.
but I can’t setColTypes to dhxCalendar…

I have date value directly from by java serverside in the format, for example,
2012-08-26T00:00:00+08:00,even I setDateFormat to “%Y/%m/%d”. it still show the raw date format. only when you click it, and it pops up a calendar, then you click that date, it will shows the correct date format which you want, ie “%Y/%m/%d”. and there is no way to tell it what kind of date format it will comes from serverside which just like the same way in the form calendar input. Please tell me how. thanks

problem solved. the setDateFormat can have two parameters, one for clientside date format and one for serverside datefromat. Please update your api document.