setFocusOnFirstActive for JSON dhtmlxForm not working

I have a simple form…

searchForm: [ { type:"settings",position: "label-left",labelWidth:110, labelAlign:"right", inputWidth:200 }, { type:"input", name:"dwgno", id:"dwgno", label:"Drawing Number", offsetTop:10 }, { type:"input", name:"insight", id:"insight", label:"Insight Search", info:true }, { type: "block", offsetLeft:90, list:[ { type:"button", name:"searchbtn", value:"Search" }, { type:"newcolumn" }, { type:"button", name:"clearbtn", value:"Clear" } ]}, ],

When the page appears I want to put focus in the first field. Sounds simple, right? Should be, but I don’t know what I’m missing. I attached the form this way…

myForm = cx.layout.cells("a").attachForm(searchForm);

This is everything I have tried so far…

[code]/Placing this right after the .attachForm() call/
/This way doesn’t work because of timing, need a callback so it happens AFTER the form is completely drawn/

/This won’t work for me because this way only works for loading a form from a url/
myForm.loadStruct(“link here”, function(){

/This won’t work for me because this way requires the form to be in XML format/
myForm.loadStructString(searchForm, function(){

It’d be great if they just gave .attachForm() a callback function because I think the problem is that it’s trying to focus before the form is completely drawn. So how do I accomplish this with a form defined in JSON???


What dhtxml, OS and browser version do you have? Locally it works fine with latest build.

Which method are you saying works? Which way should I attempt it? My console shows no errors.

I’m using:

Windows 7 Ultimate
6.1.7601 service Pack 1 Build 7601

I develop using the latest version of Chrome. But I have to test in IE8 and above, Safari, Chrome, and FireFox.

You are trying to achieve focus on first action and can’t get the result, isn’t it?
Here is a demo for you - worsk fine locally (even body scrolls to the form’s input to focus it)
14.03.26.rar (76.5 KB)