setHeight of cells in compound/custom layout


I’m having problems setting the height of cells in compound/custom layouts.
I first tried to create my desired layout using compound layouts, like this:

var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("divid", "5w"); var layout2 = layout.cells("e").attachLayout("4e");

which is perfect. I then try to set the height of cells “c” and “d” in the “4e” layout:

layout2.cells("c").setHeight(60); layout2.cells("d").setHeight(60);

This seems to set the height of only the last cell mentioned.

I then tried to create my own layout (see attached file), but it displays the exact same behavior.

So, is there a way I can set the height of these cells?

(We use dhtmlxLayout v26_pro_100722) (916 Bytes)


Yes it seems layout’s problems.

Please try to use the following code (for 5w/4e init):


or replace “c” with “g” and “d” with “h” for you pattern.