setIconsPath -> Toolbar attaches prefix to entered path


we are experimenting with toolbar v.2.5 build 91111 on an embedded system.

// Toolbar

mainToolbar = mainLayout.attachToolbar();
mainToolbar.addButton(‘tb_logout’, 0, ‘Logout’, ‘close.gif’, ‘close.gif’);

Therefore Toolbar generates the following code as source of the image: … /close.gif

In toolbar-script I found “…/…/dhtmlxToolbar/codebase/” hardcoded.

Is it a bug or a feature :smiley: ?

Same thing works fine in Menu


icons path isn’t hardcoded. I’ve attached the working demo (46.8 KB)

ok - my fault. prob is in dhtmlxtoolbar.js in codebase-folder. I took the wrong one…