SetItemText And UpdateItem Is not working on IE8


  1. I want to update the tree item and for that i am using below snippet.
    tree.updateItem(nodeid, content);
    its working fine in firefox and chorme , but not in IE8.

  2. Then we tried to use tree.setItemText(nodeid,text,tooltip) but this is also not woking in IE8.

I am getting “Html File: Unknown Error” on d.span.innerHTML = b line in dhtmlxtree.js file.

Please help me asap.

What version of dhtmlxTree are you using?

We are using the Standard Edition v.3.0 version of dhtmlx


updateItem is provided only in PRO edition. But you can use setItemText which works in Standard version. Make sure that “item text” (the second parameter of this method) is correct.

If the problem is not solved, please provide the example of method usage.