setLimitStart & setLimitEnd



i’m trying to use JavaPlanner.

I want to set limit dates for start and end, and i don’t want the user to see out of those dates.

Examples :
String dateDebut=“20/06/2015”;
String dateFin=“27/06/2015”;
SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(“dd/MM/yyyy”);
Date dateD = simpleDateFormat.parse(dateDebut);
Date dateF = simpleDateFormat.parse(dateFin) ;
Calendar date1 = Calendar.getInstance();
Calendar date2 = Calendar.getInstance();
s.config.setLimitEnd( date2 );

Here i want my users to see the planner for 7 days (20/6/15 to 27/6/15).
I also activated :
s.config.setLimitView( true); s.config.setLimitTimeSelect ( true);

But they still can see everything in the Planner…

Thanks you :slight_smile:


up :slight_smile: