SetLoadMode in Scheduler for Mobile

Is there a way to set this configuration in the mobile version? My repository is large and a month load is better suited for me.

Unfortunately this feature is not supported in mobile version.

Hi Stanislav,

Thanks for the answer.

May I ask if is there a way to easilly acomplish that? Could you point a fast way to implement this feature in the mobile component? Or wich functions are the best candidates to put some custom implementation to have the same LoadMode feature in the mobile component?

My company is evaluating your Schedule component, so we need to have this particular feature working.

I’m also interested in this function. We store a lot of data, and we would like to retrieve it in moths intervals.

Thank you.

We will consider adding of such feature. But even in best case it will be released only as part of next version, as it requires pretty solid code modification.

Do you have any ETA for your possible next version? We will be evaluating your component again when it updates.

There is no exact date yet, but it will not be earlier than November ( you can subscribe to the rss feed of - so you will not miss the release )

It has been quite awhile since the last post. Has there been any further consideration of supporting the SetLoadMode in Scheduler for Mobile?


We have added setLoadMode. You can download the latest dev version with this feature here: