setLoadMode not detecting occurrences made in some instances

Hi there,
I’ve got setLoadMode working within my code to speed up the scheduler’s loading however I’ve come across an issue with it, if you have a series running and move one event into the next month setLoadMode doesn’t check the event_length parameter when it loads, so it isn’t loading the events occurrence and therefor making the series disappear. But if you navigate to the next month then navigate back everything works. Is there any way to alter the loading method so it will check for event_lengths within the date range as well?

Please share the dump of problematic data ( master event and moved instance )

As far as I can see the problem can occur only if you have moved the instance earlier that start_date or past the end_date of master event ( if you have recurring series for two month and single event moved past those two months )

Hi Stanislav,

The following should run as standalone as an example:

tasks_id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
abn varchar(40) DEFAULT NULL,
start_date datetime DEFAULT NULL,
end_date datetime DEFAULT NULL,
address varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL,
rec_type varchar(400) DEFAULT NULL,
event_pid int(11) DEFAULT ‘0’,
event_length mediumtext,
PRIMARY KEY (tasks_id)

INSERT INTO tasks (tasks_id, abn, start_date, end_date, address, rec_type, event_pid, event_length) VALUES
(103, ‘91273263696’, ‘2013-02-28 02:15:00’, ‘9999-02-01 00:00:00’, ‘4 Broughton Rd, Artarmon, NSW 2064’, ‘week_2___4#no’, 0, ‘2100’),
(8096, ‘91273263696’, ‘2015-02-03 02:15:00’, ‘2015-02-03 02:50:00’, ‘4 Broughton Rd, Artarmon, NSW 2064’, ‘’, 103, ‘1422458100’ );

setLoadMode has “month” being passed to it, and the scheduler is being viewed as a 5 day week view (so from Mon 26th Jan 2015 to Fri 30th Jan 2015).
An event is being shown on the Thurs 29th Jan 2015 (the actual series event), but once you go forward a week to where the occurrence is actually now at, then back a week the event on the 29th of Jan is now gone as it’s reading from the occurrence data on the 3rd of Feb 2015. This would be more even problematic if the occurrence had been moved a couple of weeks ahead though or even deleted after being moved.

Thanks for provided code
I see the issue, we will include fix in the next update of connector ( will be available in next two weeks )

Thanks for that Stanislav :smiley: