setLoadMode will send results with duplicated dates


I am trying out the basic sample with the setLoadMoad set with month. The first time viewing the schedule, a request is sent to the server:

xxx/ … 2011-02-01

which is good. But when I got from Day View to Month View, a second request is sent:

xxx/ … 2011-03-01

Note, the new date range includes the date range from the first request. And that leads me to send data that is already sent to the schedule, hence causing schedule to show duplicated data.

Is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?


This is expected scenario ( date ranges in your case ) - it possible that in some scenario, the same events will be requested second time, but it must not cause event doubling on client side.

Check how ids are generated for the events in your case. Must probably you are using not-existing id, so IDs are auto-generated instead of the fixed ones.

Thanks. Yes, generating my own unique event ID fixed the problem.