setModal function of Window component not functioning comple

When the modal of dhtmlxWindow component is set to false, Its not disabling the whole page.

I mean if page longer (viewable by scrollbar) than screen, it do not disable whole page.

I only disables portion of it.

Please revert back as soon as possible for solution or further clarification.


setModal disabling viewport. By the default viewport is a document.body.
Here is abother viewport settings: … 9683562000

We have the same issue.

Why not use a solution like other scripts:

<div id=“overlay style=“background-image: url(images/black-70.png); background-repeat: repeat; height: 9884px; display: block; visibility: visible;/>

This approach hides all content of the page.

dhtmlxWindows provides more flexible solutions.

You can try to attach viewport to some container (this container can occupy the necessary area) and all windows will be visible only inside this container.

Please, see the sample of such a vieport in the documentation: … er_as.html