setNoHeader error

To delete Header, I set the grid like the below(1 or 2).
but it still error show header In the firefox, Chrome.(in case of IE, it’s OK).
(I attached the jpg file)

please let me know how to solve it.
Thank you. (2.16 KB)

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please provide us any kind of sample or a demo link so we can reproduce an error.

I tested the attached file in IE,FF,chrome again.
I can still see the header in chrome.
please refer to the attached file and test in the local web site.
thank you. (725 KB)

in your case it is necessary to upgrade the version of your dhtmlXGrid.

I downloaded the files a few month ago.
Can you give me the files?

You can download Standard Edition of dhtmlXGrid from our site here

Are you sure your download site’s file is recent version?
sometimes it doesn’t work
and I downloaded the forum link’s attached file;

You may download the attached version of dhtmlxgrid.js.
Replace original file with attached one. (42.3 KB)