setNumberFormat in xml file

I’m currently using

myGrid.setNumberFormat("0,000.00 €",index,","," ");

in order to get my values displayed like this : 1000.00 €

How can I get the same result while using format attribute in my xml file ?

Reading the doc, I see It is possible to use some mask but… I can’t get the “€” symbol displayed.


Ooops sorry…

Found it in using :

$xml.='<column width="100" type="ron" align="right" sort="int" format="0,000.00 €"> TOTAL</column>';

However, I can’t replace the “,” by " " in order to display 1 000.00 € instead of 1,000.00 €

any trick ?

You can call setNumberFormat() method from your xml:

<beforeInit> <call command="setNumberFormat"> <param>0,000.00 €</param><param>index</param><param>,</param><param> </param> </call> </beforeInit>