setOnEditCellHandler Method Qurky

I am currently creating a solution which will mimic an Excel document which currently is used by one of my clients.  So there is a lot of math needed.
However, I am having a problem when editing a cell (int) I then get the get the value using the setOnEditCellhandler method.  If it’s in state 2 and done editing I perform some javaScript math functions and then insert the resulting integer into a totals column. 

The problem is occurring when I assign the new total to the totals column for that row. the cell which I just edited turns back to zero.
Also, say for instance I edit cell 1,1 and then using setOnEditCellHandler I retrieve the value and put it into an alert box, it WILL alert and show me what I entered but then the cell goes back to zero instead of holding the value I just entered into it.

this product is great, I can’t wait for our companies P.O. to go thru so we can use enterprise features :slight_smile: