SetRequired doesn't work

hi support team,

I try to use the SetRequired method in my code but it doesn’t work.

I had included :

my code :

[code]var myForm;
function doOnLoad() {
myForm = new dhtmlXForm(“form_container”);
myForm.loadStructString(’ ');
myForm.attachEvent(“onButtonClick”, function(Pr){
self.frames[‘bframe’].location.href = ‘http://mysite/’;
var value = myForm.getItemValue(“DOPA”);


The * doesn’t show up next to the combo in question…

Try to call this method the next way (using callback):

myForm.loadStructString('<items> <item type="fieldset" name="data" label="Welcome" inputWidth="auto"><item type="combo" inputWidth='200' connector="http://phpmyadmin/tva_combo.php" name="DOPA"></item> <item type="button" name="Pr" value="Proceed"></item></item> </items>', function(){ myForm.setRequired("DOPA",true); });

sorry, still doesn’t work

edit : I tried with formStructure and it works…

Localy it works fine.
Could you provide us a direct link or completed demo to inspect it? … leted_demo