setRowColor across multiple pages


While i am waiting a response on my previous posting regarding a ‘hidden’ coltype i am using the api function to hide a column.

The below code works and the column is hidden across all pages. I am also setting the row colour according to the hidden column value however this only works for the current page. I have paging enabled but when going to the next page the colours of the affected rows are not changed.

    mygrid.loadXML("/xml/some.xml?"+params, function(){



    cellValue = mygrid.cells(id,10).getValue();

if (cellValue == “Y”){






Which version of grid you are using ?
I can’t reconstruct the issue with dhtmlxgrid 1.5 and as far as I can see it must work correctly for dhtmlxgrid 1.4 as well
Please check attached sample.

If problem still occurs fro you - please send any kind of sample where  problem can be reconstructed. You can send it directly to

1207069319.ZIP (3.2 KB)