setRTL in Opera

Regarding the new setRTL in the pro versions - there are several problems, many of them I saw in Opera only so far.

  1. The columns aren’t aligned with the column headers in Opera. To fix this change:“17px”“0px”

  2. The headers are right-aligned by default instead of centered as with the non RTL. In the CSS, change:
    .gridbox table.hdr tr td div {
    .gridbox table.hdr tr td div {

  3. All English text is reversed in all components. I removed all the lines in the css that say
    unicode-bidi :bidi-override
    This includes two lines in the standard dhtmlxcombo css.
    Why were these added? They just force everything to be reversed including English text!

  4. In both grid and combo, the selected row background usually starts with an offset at the right side whenever the vertical scrollbar is visible so the selection bar is drawn a few pixels off to the left.

For combo a possible fix is:
float :right !important;

For grid I haven’t been able to find it and fix it yet. Can anyone help please?

My fix for #4 combo breaks it for IE so I need a better fix. Can I get a fix for bug #4 for both grid and combo please?

Yet another correction: My fix didn’t break IE, IE6 with the RTL code doesn’t work at all period!

Seems like the RTL code hasn’t been tested on a few browsers…

The bug happens in the following RTL code but I’ll be damned if I understand what this code is trying to do:

		if (_isIE){
			var e=document.createElement('textarea'); = "hidden";"nowrap";
			e.className = 'dhx_combo_input';
			z.parentNode.insertBefore(e, z);

One final issue, but this has to do with the dhxGridPanel (for adding a grid to ExtJS). The horizontal scrollbar doesn’t work properly in either IE or Opera in RTL mode when in a dhxGridPanel. Is this panel supported?

Fixes (1),(2),(4) included in main codebase.
Problem with IE6 confirmed and fixed
Updated js and css files are attached

As for ExtJs integration - that extension was experimental and is not supported anymore. (6.22 KB)

Thanks. I see you improved on some of the fixes.

You skipped fix #2 - it’s a valid fix because the default behaviour for LTR is to center the headers not to left-align, so for consistency, RTL should be centered as well.

Also you didn’t provide a fix for #4 for the grid selection in Opera. I attached a screenshot. It only happens when there’s a vertical scrollbar.

Problem in opera confirmed and fixed.
Updated js files are attached.

as for #2 - the align of header are differs in different skins , and while in default skin it is center aligned, in most other skins it is left aligned ( which was converted to right align in rtl mode ) (6.24 KB)

I still haven’t received a working setRTL even after months and even though I paid for support.

See ticket #QPG-980011 - it was left unanswered until my support subscription expired so now I am only left with the forum.

Currently open issues are:

  1. IE6 SP3 shows bad alignment in RTL with both scrollbars appearing. See attached.

  1. Opera scrollbar appears on the right in RTL.

Can you please provide code snapshot of the problem at screenshot?

Well my working code is scattered amongst many large .js files but I wrote up a very simple basic grid in RTL and the same bug appeared so it’s nothing difficult to reproduce. Open the attached in IE6.

Also open the attached in Opera and see issue #2 - the scrollbar on the right. (538 Bytes)

а) you need to have correct doctype at top of the page, like

b) update dhtmlx_rtl.js is provided (4.02 KB)

The DocType doesn’t help at all.

However your attached file fixes the IE issue, thanks!

However, while it puts the Opera scrollbar on the right, it also brings back the bug I reported previously in this topic regarding the selection bar in Opera. I’ll copy/paste the old screenshot:

We are going in circles…

This issue confirmed but it will not be fixed due to browser limitation.