setSerializationLevel onlyChanged not working


I’m setting the onlyChanged parameter of the setSerializationLevel to true. I’m not changing any data on my rows, and when I serialize the grid all the rows are included in the xml anyway. What am I missing?

4th parameter of setSerializationLevel method just includes “changed” cell’s attribute in result XML. It doesn’t changes number of rows which will be serialized.

It’s the fifth parameter (onlyChanged) that isn’t doing what I expect it to. If I do not make any changes to the data in the grid, I’m expecting the xml to look like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

but instead I get a for each row of the grid. Here is my grid setup (partial code):

grdMeetings = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘divMeetingsGrid’);
grdMeetings.setHeader(“Meeting Id,Meeting Name,Site,Reqd,Max Cert,Survey”);

and my serialization code:


Just try to use grdMeetings.setSerializationLevel(false,false,false,true,true,false);

That’s exactly what I have. See the code in the previous reply.

You can using:
You should use:
(without double quotes)

Thank you very much. That was my problem.

It is a little confusing though because the setSerializableColumns() method takes a string of true/false enclosed in quotes, but the setSerializationLevel() method does not.