setSizes() and _setAutoResize() go into endless loop on IE

I have web page that contains a dhtmlx grid and has a collapsible panel on the right hand side of the grid. When the panel is collapsed, the dhtmlx grid resizes without any problems. The setSizes() and the _setAutoResize() functions fire once. However, when the panel is expanded, the setSizes() and the _setAutoResize() functions repeatedly fire as a result of the windows.setTimeout function in the _setAutoResize function. This is only happening on Internet Explorer. Any suggestions as to what may be occuring.



The behavior is also directly tied to the resolution of the monitor. With any resolution below 1280 x 800 ( 32bit Color ) the problem does not occur. If I set my screen resolution above 1280 x 800, the setSizes() and _setAutoResize() functions go nuts.

Do you have any kind of demo link, where issue can be reconstructed?

Timeout in _setAutoResize must fire only once ( its not setInterval ) , its used for multiple-call prevention.