setStyle for Tabbar attached to Layout object doesn't seem t

I’m just starting to play around with DHTMLX so forgive me if I’m missing something simple.

I have a layout and have attached a tabbar object to cell b. I then try to set the style but it doesn’t change. I’ve tried several different styles. The css file is linked properly.

        myTabbar = myLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();


        myTabbar.addTab(“a1”,“Tab 1”);

        myTabbar.addTab(“a2”,“Tab 2”);



The content is in the tabs and they function properly, it’s just the styling which is an issue.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Dear Heather,

which components version do you use ?

version 2.1 doesn’t allow to set different style to the attached component, but 2.5 does

I’m using version 2.5

locally skin is set. please, take a look at the attached sample (63.8 KB)

Thanks Alex!

I wasn’t quite sure what ‘locally skin is set’ meant but from your example  I figured out what the issue was - I wasn’t setting the image path for tabbar.  In other words, I was missing this…


Most Appreciated!