Setting a 24 hour shift starting say at 8am

The day and week views start at midnight by default.

We need to display a 24 hour shift not starting at midnight but say 8am.

I’ve configured a timeline view and it seems to work okay but I cannot do the same for the day and week views.

If I set


…then I seem to get the desired behaviour, however it is now impossible to create events after midnight by double clicking or drag and drop an existing event passed midnight. An existing event dragged past midnight disappears but then appears the next day but with an end time of 8am.

Is it possible to achieve what we require?


Unfortunately there is no built-in way to implement functionality you need.
Using first_hour and last_hour configs you should set only hours within one day. “Day view” mode is allowed correct display of hours of one day (and “week view” includes 7 “day views” and works by the same principle).

Yes, customization the scale as you want is possible in timeline view. Maybe you should try to create several timeline views with different scale setting.
How to achieve it you can check in the sample (please use “Shift” + mouse wheel to switch)

Many thanks, will digest shortly