Setting a max cell/grid height for monthly view?

Hey guys,

I’m having problems with setting a max height for the cells/grids in the monthly view. Essentially, I want to avoid the entire scheduler height to be expanded when a specific day has many requirements/events associated with it. Is there any way or scheduler configuration to allow the grid to scroll to overflowing requirements?


Attached is a screenshot of what I’m trying to achieve:

try this config … onfig.html

Thanks for the response. I’ve already implemented this configuration where I set a max requirement list of 5, but is there a way to hide the requirements and scroll to them, instead of expanding the height of the main body when there are many requirements?

For example:

One day has 45 requirements which will definitely expand the entire body height of the monthly view scheduler. Is there any way to place that specific day grid taller and scroll to view all the 45 requirements without having to expand the entire scheduler body height?