setting calendar type readonly??

Hello there!

I have a question: I had problems when i tried to sort my date as it is stored in the DB in a format like Because JS needs a date in a format like mm.dd.yyyy i converted the format in my PHP-script. Now it would be possible to sort the date column, but i need it to be displayed in format. Thats why i changed the column type from readonly to calendar, which is working now. I just need to know a method, how i can avoid the calendar from popping up, as noone is permitted to change the date, it should be read only.

Ty very much for your information…

Can be done by adding next line
    eXcell_calendar.prototype.isDisabled = function(){ return true; }

Also , it possible to use default “ro” column type, and just define custom sorting routine - which will contain logic for sorting dates in your format.