setting cell combo


i load data into a dhtmlxgrid using the loadxml method. i then want a column to have a combo so after i use the load xml statement i put the following:

var sexCombo = subjectsGrid.getCombo(4);



the data in the xml for this column is 0 or 1

however when the grid loads it displays the values 0 or 1 and not M or F.

to get round this i have had to use the following code





all this code is doing is getting the value out of the cell and putting it back in. this ensures that the M or F shows.

i prefer not having to do this extra loop, so is this a bug or am i doing something wrong


Be sure that
a) column type set as “co” or "coro"
b) combo.put commands called before data loading from XML
c) In XML you doesn’t have any extra content around 1 or 0